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New Open Access Agreements with SpringerNature and Oxford University Press

Published: 16 August 2019

The Swedish library consortium, of which SLU is a participant, has entered two new agreements with the scientific publishers SpringerNature and Oxford University Press. Both agreements state that any fees associated with open access publishing (APCs) are paid for centrally by the institution of the corresponding author instead of the authors themselves.

SpringerNature Fully Open replaces the current agreement with SpringerNature (Springer Compact). The new agreement also covers fees when publishing with the Springer imprints BioMed Central (BMC), Springer Open Journals, NatureReseach (including Nature Communications and Scientific Reports) and Palgrave Macmillan. The agreement is active until the end of 2021. The agreement with Oxford University Press covers costs of Open Acces publishing in 313 of the publisher’s about 350 journals. This agreement is also active to the end of 2021.

Complete lists of included journal titles for both agreements can be found on the library’s web: Open Access deals and discounts

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