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Building inclusive, healthy and resilient communities through agroforestry

Published: 21 August 2019

SLU Global and Vi Agroforestry talked at a HLPF side-event in New York in July 2019.

The latest agroforestry advances between migration, resilience, gender equality and climate was presented at a event in New York on July, 11. In this side event to HLPF called Building inclusive, healthy and resilient communities through agroforestry, representatives from governments, UNDP, research institutions, and the Agroforestry Network highlighted the benefits of agroforestry as a solution for people, planet and prosperity.

Maria Schultz from Vi Agroforestry talked about the Agroforestry Network and presented examples from Vi Agroforestry in Kenya and Uganda.
Ingrid Öborn from SLU Global talked about How agroforestry can contribute with solutions in the food-migration-health-climate nexus.

Read more:

Programme July, 11 (PDF)
Ingrid Öborn’s presentation (PDF)
Video from the event can be found at SIANI's Facebook page
Agroforestry network at twitter 
Policy brief - Migration and Agroforestry (PDF)

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