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Are you interested in collaboration with Chile?

Published: 17 June 2019

The ACCESS platform aims to facilitate and deepen the academic relations between Chile and Sweden as well as to enable researchers, staff and students to become more connected to each other. A research seminar is held in Uppsala, 2-5 December, investigating the themes Challenges of natural resources, Health Challenges, Societal Challenges.

To be able to participate in the forum in December, 2-5, in Uppsala/Stockholm, SLU can nominate participants. If you are interested in participating in the forum and want to contribute to one of the 12 groups, please send an e-mail the latest on 4th of September to Marnie Hancke, Please state your academic title, department, phone number, research profile (max 75 words) and max 5 key words.

For more information about ACCESS, please visit

Challenges of Natural Resources
  • Sustainable food production systems
  • Biodiversity and Forestry
  • Sustainable Mining
  • Renewable Energy
Health Challenges
  • Cancer
  • Aging
  • Antibiotic resistance and diagnostics
Societal Challenges
  • Urban Inequality
  • Education for sustainability
  • Cultures, arts, languages and politics for sustainability
  • Heritage and Museums
  • Contemporary Migration

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