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New brand manual for SLU

Published: 08 May 2019

A strong, clear and uniform image of SLU makes us more competitive and improves our chances of attracting students, staff, funding and assignments. This is why a new brand manual has been produced.

The manual describes how to communicate SLU and what we do – what we say and what it should look like. The purpose is to make SLU stand out, show that we are unique and provide clear arguments for choosing SLU. 

We have also created new tools to make it easier to implement the new visual identity: 

  • New Powerpoint template (opens directly in Powerpoint)
  • New SLU presentation, in Powerpoint 
  • New template for scientific posters
  • New templates for roll-ups, job ads, business cards, posters and folders
  • New illustrations

The Powerpoint templates are already available in English, the other material will be available in English by 20 May.

The colours of our websites are also updated to be brand compliant.


The brand manual has been created as part of the project The Image of SLU. The project is run by the Division of Communication, mandated by the vice-chancellor, for the period 2016–2020. The aim of the project is to strengthen, across the board, the management, care and development of our brand.

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