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News items from the Faculty Board meeting on February 6-7

Published: 12 February 2019

The Faculty's new management continues its work and its members are still in a period of familiarize themselves to its assignment. The committee's latest meeting therefore contained quite a lot of information, handover and discussions about and to create a consensus on the assignment. The meeting also included some decision points on, among other things, recruitments.

Handover and learning

- We are still learning, and being familiar with our history is important to us, Rauni Niskanen says about the handover process that the faculty board's most recent meeting was mainly about.

During the meeting, staff from the faculty office provided useful information about the regulations that govern the board’s work, such as "useful board work", how the recruitment process for senior positions works and a presentation of the economy including financial statements, appropriations and budget.

Anne-Marie Dalin, retiring  vice dean for undergraduate studies, explained SLU's organisation for undergraduate and Master’s studies as well as the faculty board’s duties when it comes to education

Maj-Britt Johansson, process leader for the collaboration project with UDS, also paid the committee a visit. She reported on the status of this project and told that the majority of the measures in Gerdin's investigation have been implemented.

The committee also received information about the FOMA work of Johan Dicksved.


On February 6, the Faculty Board decided on proposals in the following recruitment errands that proceed for final processing:

  • Renewal of Adjunct professor in Veterinary Bacteriology specializing in One Health
  • Assistant senior lecturer in Biochemistry with a focus on protein biochemistry
  • Assistant senior lecturer in Veterinary medical imaging
  • Revision group for Veterinary epidemiology

Other notices from the faculty board meeting

  • The dean informed about the upcoming strengthening of the organization in order for SLU to be able to carry out the assignment with common equality (according to the regulations letter) with a desired result.

  • The dean informed about UKÄ's examination of the quality assurance work at SLU that will take place in 2019.

  • Retiring vice dean Anne-Marie Dalin pointed out in her presentation that board members and departments can submit comments on the referral regarding doubling the number of students, until March 1.

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