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News from the VH Faculty meeting on November 23

Published: 29 October 2019

Strategy 2021–2025

During spring 2019, SLU began developing a new strategy, including vision, objectives, etc., that will apply from 2021. A general aim of the operational strategy is to create a joint direction for SLU.

It is the vice-chancellor’s ambition to make the content in the various strategies clearly connected. The work with the university, faculty and department strategies is carried out simultaneously.

Our faculty has already begun to collect as many viewpoints and perspectives as possible. This is done through workshops and inspirational seminars. It is very important that as many people as possible take part, so please register for the events. That way, we will collect good and useful input from the whole operation. Information and application links will be sent via email to everyone at the VH Faculty.

The objective is to complete the foundation for the faculty strategy before the summer holidays in 2020. After they have been approved, the faculty strategies will be included as annexes to the university strategy.

Agricultural programmes and businesses

The agricultural programmes are currently being revised. This includes discussion meetings with relevant businesses. The first of three planned discussion meetings has been held; it involved representatives from organisations all over the country, and the purpose was to develop our agricultural education.

Among other things, the meetings will include defining the agronomist profession, qualitative targets, programme-level expertise and educational purpose. The next meeting will be held in November.

Status report – gender equality and equal opportunities

Vice-Dean Maja Malmberg presented the new gender equality and equal opportunities (JLV) organisation, including the new role of JLV officers, which must be available at each faculty office.

There is much to do within the field, and several activities have been planned. It is important to be aware that events occur, even if we do not see them. This must be made clear through focus groups for e.g. students, doctoral students and temporary employees.

Future Faculty

Young researchers at SLU who have a doctoral degree have become involved in the project Future Faculty. The vision is to create the best possible academic environment to allow young researchers to reach their full potential. All faculties are represented, and Maja Malmberg is the deputy chair. Are you interested in taking part? Learn more.


The Department of Clinical Sciences have requested to make a senior lecturer an adjunct lecturer in veterinary epidemiology. The faculty board has approved the request and decided to start the process.

The faculty board decided to develop a recruitment profile for an associate senior lecturer in udder diseases, as well as a senior lecturer in bioinformatics.

SLU’s digitalisation process

The vice-chancellor has initiated a process for how SLU can utilise digital technology in a more efficient way. During the vice-chancellor’s management group meeting, we were asked to discuss the issue in various groups, in order to collect thoughts and viewpoints on this. Simple, digital research and education support systems were identified as important needs.

Opinion articles on veterinary education

Lately, a number of opinion articles related to veterinary education have been published. This has resulted in a number of measures that the programme board is currently managing.

The next faculty board meeting

  • 11 December

Strategy 2021–2025

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