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Financial report 2017

Published: 09 March 2018

The faculty has a largely balanced capital which has been built up through large surplus results during 2013–2016. Universities are not supposed to have large capital reserves since government grants are annual and should be used accordingly.

To reduce SLU capitals, the SLU Board has decided to establish a capital fee. A fee of 10 per cent will be imposed on departments and faculties for capital that exceeds 10 per cent of the turnover (total revenue).
The faculty has budgeted a deficit for several years, but has not been able to achieve a deficit result despite pressure from the SLU Board to reduce our capital. To minimise the capital fee, the faculty instead wants to increase its operations.

The faculty has made central comprehensive efforts by employing assistant senior lecturers, postdocs and doctoral students. The faculty co-finances these appointments centrally. The faculty requirement in regard to postdocs and doctoral students has been that the departments must co-finance their part of the appointments through government grants and capitals, and in that way affect our aim of a deficit.

For the first time since 2012, the faculty had a deficit result in 2017 of SEK 60 million. Our capital has therefore been reduced. As a result of the substantial, central faculty efforts, the number of full-time equivalents increased by 57 in 2016–2017. The prognosis is that the number will continue to increase during 2018.


Anna-Lena Herfindal
Faculty Financial Officer
Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, SLU, +46 18 672248

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