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Deadline for registering reports and factsheets in SLUpub

Published: 09 February 2018

The deadline for registering reports and factsheets from the year 2017 in the SLU publication database (SLUpub) has been set to the 28th of February 2018.

The publications are to be registered in the SLU publication database (SLUpub) with a full text file. The file will then be automatically transferred from SLUpub to the university open access archive Epsilon.

A guide for registering is available on the library web site.

Background and Vice-Chancellor's decision

As of 2014 the Vice-Chancellor's decision is that all reports and factsheets produced by SLU shall be deposited in Epsilon. The decision also includes a general encouragement for SLU scholars to publish open access. Since an earlier decision, all theses and student theses are also published in the archive. Publishing in Epsilon makes the publications easily findable by search engines like Google and also makes it easy to share them on social networks. Furthermore, the publications are given a persistent link, by which they will always be accessible no matter where the Epsilon archive is located in the future.

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