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Information regarding research data management and the Tilda system

Published: 01 November 2018

The need to publish and to archive research data generated at SLU is substantial. During the last few years, a collaboration between the SLU IT-department and the data curation unit (DCU) has been aiming to develop an IT support system for these two purposes.

Early this summer, the IT department at SLU ran into technical difficulties during the development of Tilda. Due to these difficulties, the launch of the system that was planned for this fall has been delayed.  To get an overview and a clear look at the current status of the project, IT consultants were brought in to analyse the situation on request made by the Tilda system owners and the IT director. At the end of November, they will deliver a report with suggestions for future development of Tilda with respect to technical solutions and working methods. After a review of their results, development of Tilda will hopefully commence.

In January 2017 the Data Curation Unit was formed. It is based at the SLU University Library, with members also from the Vice-Chancellor's Office. DCU is charged with supporting the ongoing task of archiving and publishing research data generated at SLU and has spent a great deal of time on the Tilda development. At present DCU will focus on producing materials on good data management for both researchers and administrative staff at SLU, as well as a continue work with data management plans.

Any questions regarding Tilda or the work of DCU can be sent directly to DCU;

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