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The golden middle way?

Published: 24 January 2018

The International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food has recently published a special issue on medium-sized food chains. The number contains eight articles that in various ways examine how medium value chains can be a good way to distribute larger amounts of food from farmers. While maintaining transparency, local affiliation and a fair distribution of revenues from sales.

Several of the articles focus on organic production, and it is the increased demand for local and organic foods that underlie the design of medium-value chains. The medium-sized value chains fill a gap between the major distribution channels and direct farm sales.

The special issue is a result of a workshop held during the International Rural Sociology Association (IRSA) conference in 2016. The initiative came from the European project Healthygrowth and a similar project, Agriculture of the Middle, from the United States. Rebecka Milestad from KTH was representing Sweden in Healthygrowth.