New agreement for exchanges for students and staff

Last changed: 17 September 2023

Do you want to formalise a contact or cooperation with another educational institution? Contact the Mobility Team at the Division of Educational Affairs for advice and support.

All mobility and exchange agreements should start with an academic or administrative contact. In order to ensure the quality for SLU outgoing students the first academic year the exchange should preferably be of teachers and/or administrative staff. There should also be SLU students that show an interest in studies abroad at the university in mind. It should be clear that there are suitable courses for SLU students at the partner university and that recognition of credits will be possible.

Note that SLU does not sign agreements for one way mobility, since reciprocity and balance in agreements are requirements from both a national level and from the EU. All students have the possibility to apply for individual courses directly at SLU and for that no agreements are necessary.

After a contact has been established and interested students have been identified a draft agreements should be created which is to be sent to the potential partner. The draft should be written in consultation with the coordinator responsible for mobility agreements at the Division of Educational Affairs.

Things to consider when you want to start a new cooperation agreement

When you are thinking about applying for financial support from the EU or the Nordic Council of Ministers, make use of the information and instructions documents that are available. The Legal Affairs Unit provides support and advice to the university management, the university administration as well as teachers and researchers. There are, for instance, supportive documents written by the legal division at SLU. Always establish the support from the faculty before proceeding with the cooperation.

Contact the Division of  Educational Affairs  for support with the administrative parts of the application. An EU application often includes support from staff at the offices for admission, degree certificates, and legal division. Staffin charge of mobility agreements can assist with providing the necessary documents.

Applications to the EU and Nordic Council of Ministers need to be signed by the organisations’ legal representative. At SLU, this is the Vice-Chancellor or the Deputy Vice-Chancellor. The potential project/cooperation shall be presented for the legal representative before the signing of the application, and therefore all applications should first be consulted with the Division of Educational Affairs and the SLULegal Affairs Unit. .

Keep in mind that it can be difficult to get time for the presentation of the application and signature with the Vice-Chancellor so it is important to plan well ahead of time.

All applications must be archived.

To expand an agreement

Since an exchange agreement often implies a committment to offer housing to all incoming students the access and availability of housing is a requisite of expanding an agreement. Also, course plans should be considered guaranteeing that there are available seats in the courses within the right fields of studies.