SLU Leadership

Last changed: 28 November 2023

SLU Leadership is a recurring program aimed at those of you who have a leadership role within the academy, regardless of whether you have a managerial assignment or not. Common to you who take the course is that you lead groups and individuals towards common goals within the university's framework.

SLU Leadership aims to provide knowledge, skills and thinking about how you can conduct a leadership in a purposeful way in the unique context the academy constitutes. Leadership is a prerequisite for SLU to achieve good and sustainable results at the same time as employees are given good, fair conditions to reach their potential and feel good.

The program is based on scientifically based knowledge and proven experience in leadership, organization and psychology. The program mixes leadership theory and practice with a focus on e.g. motivation, group dynamics, organization, communication, complexity, strategic planning, norms and change. Much focus is on developing oneself as a person and leader.

The program also aims to build relationships between leaders, promote collegial support, make contacts and get to know the entire SLU in more detail.

Target group

The person who is admitted to the education must have an actual position as a leader when the program begins. Ideally, you should have one or a couple of years of experience in a leadership position to get the best exchange of the program. For those of you who do not yet have a leadership role or who are a very experienced leader, get in touch and we will have an in-depth discussion with you about your participation. All elements of the program are mandatory and you need to understand that the program involves travel and evening work during the three live meetings.

The program is aimed at those who have a regular or deputy position as:

- research leader / coordinator, head of department, dean, program study director / coordinator, senior lecturer, director of studies with a delegated leadership assignment regarding pedagogical issues, head of department or unit head.

The program has 21 places per course and we try to prioritice everyone who needs a place. Those who have had to give up a place in previous years are given priority next year. At high pressure, admission is based on the following priorities.

1. Research leaders, heads of department and deans

2. Collaborator, program director, study director, department head / equivalent

3. Unit manager, lab / group manager or equivalent, deputy manager


Scope and location

The course basically covers 17 days and takes place in Uppsala, Alnarp and Umeå and via zoom. In addition, there are any voluntary elements during the course.

If you already know that you will miss several course opportunities on the course you intend to sign up for, we suggest that you sign up for a course later on when you know that you can prioritize and set aside time to follow the course.

Seminar 1, three days: Lead yourself! Conference live in Uppsala
Seminar 2, two days: Lead yourself! Implemented digitally via zoom
Seminar 3, two days: Lead individuals and groups! Implemented digitally via zoom
Seminar 4, three days: Lead individuals and groups! Conference live in Alnarp
Seminar 5, two days: Lead individuals and groups! Implemented digitally via zoom
Seminar 6, two days: Lead a business! Implemented digitally via zoom
Seminar 7, three days: Lead a business! Conference live in Umeå
Follow-up meeting according to agreement

For questions

Completion of missed course opportunities: Please contact the course administrator at if you need to supplement any course opportunity. The content of the course has been partially adjusted.

Course participation is at a cost price for the participants.

If you have questions about this, you are of course always welcome to contact the course administrator.