Senior environmental assessment specialist

Last changed: 11 April 2024

Until September 15th it is now possible to apply for the expertise level senior environmental assessment specialist. A prerequisite for being appointed is the ability to communicate in Swedish. More information about the application round is available at the Swedish version of this page.

Senior environmental assessment specialist is an expertise level at SLU and those with the role are an important part of the university’s work with quality assurance activities within environmental monitoring and assessment. The expertise level provides talented staff with the opportunity to develop their careers and increase their profile. Senior environmental assessment specialists have firm skills within the area and both drive and guide its development with a scientific approach.

Those who are appointed:

  • receive a salary increase which is the equivalent of that awarded to docents and distinguished university teachers;
  • give a public lecture in conjunction with their appointment;
  • are expected to actively and strategically contribute to developing environmental monitoring and assessment both domestically and internationally.

Read more about the application procedure:

Instructions for applicants for appointment as senior environmental assessment specialist including description of background, purpose, basic eligibility requirements, criteria for expertise in environmental monitoring and assessment and application documents.


Members of the board for appointing senior environmental assessment specialists (until 30 June 2025)

Full members
Anna Lundhagen, Chair, Pro-Vice Chancellor collaboration and environmental monitoring and assessment
Richard Johnson, NJ Faculty
Tord Snäll, NJ Faculty
Pernilla Christensen, S Faculty
Holger Dettki, S Faculty
Gunnar Carlsson, VH Faculty
Vacant, Sluss DN

Stina Drakare (for Richard Johnson and Tord Snäll)
Hans Petersson (for Pernilla Christensen)
Ola Langvall (for Holger Dettki)
Stefan Örn (for Gunnar Carlsson)


Contact details
Chair of NSM, telephone: 018 67 23 70, email:
NSM secretary, telephone: 018 67 22 87, 070 574 22 87, email: