Using Epassi for your wellness allowance

Last changed: 23 April 2024

Wellness portal Epassi is SLU’s  partner for wellness activities.

On the Epassi web, you will find information on where you can use your allowance. There are several options to choose from. Are you interested in yoga, a gym membership, or perhaps you want to give disc golf a try?

Your wellness allowance, up to SEK 2,000 for those working full-time, is automatically available in your Epassi account.

Please note! New rules regarding receipt purchases and invoices will apply shortly. Read more under the heading below "Reimbursement for wellness activities from non-Epassi suppliers".

Getting started

  1. Download the Epassi app. In the app, all the available activities are listed and you can easily search for something that suits you.
  2. The app is available to download from Google Play and the App Store.
  3. If you do not want to download the app, you can search for activities at (click on ”Hitta leverantör”). 

How to log in

You can log in using the app or a web browser. As soon as you have been added to Epassi, you will receive an email. The email has a link for downloading the app to your phone.

  1. Open the Epassi app and log in using BankID. You can also log in using your mobile phone number or email address. If you select phone number or email, you will receive a login code to enter in the app.

  2. Or, log in at The easiest way to log in is using BankID. You can also log in using your mobile phone number or email address. If you select phone number or email, you will receive a login code to enter.

Paying using the Epassi app

You can use the Epassi app to pay for your wellness activity. Make the payment and show the digital receipt at the till. A digital receipt is valid for 15 minutes, so do not pay too far in advance.  

Paying using id

Another option is to show your ID and say you want to pay using Epassi. The supplier of the wellness activity registers the amount which is then deducted from your wellness allowance.

Information about automatic payments (autogiro)

If you already have an autogiro set up, ensure your wellness allowance is charged first and your autogiro only after you have used up your allowance. This works the same way as a normal purchase in Epassi, the only difference is any excess amount will be paid by autogiro. You will need to inform the supplier of your wellness activity that you want your Epassi balance to be charged. Please note that the procedure for this varies depending on the supplier, and not everyone can combine Autogiro with Epassi. Ask your supplier about their procedure. The supplier has to be part of Epassi for this to work.

Using the discount for SLU staff

As an SLU employee, you get a discount with Actic, Fitness24Seven, and Friskis och Svettis Ultuna. You can read more on the wellness allowance page. To use the discount, inform the staff that you are an SLU employee when you pay. You will also need to show your access card.

If you have autogiro set up with a supplier that is NOT part of Epassi

If you want to be reimbursed for wellness activities purchased from a non-Epassi supplier, you need to submit both the contract/agreement specifying the service you are buying and proof of payment using Autogiro. The receipt should be for wellness activities during the current year and receipts must be submitted no later than 21 December. 

To find out whether your supplier is part of Epassi, search for your supplier (merchant) on the Epassi website.

Reimbursement for wellness activities from non-Epassi suppliers

You can use your wellness allowance for activities sold by a non-Epassi supplier by submitting a receipt and requesting reimbursement. Log in to and click “Register your receipt”. Before you do this, there are some things to consider.

  1. NB. You cannot be reimbursed for activities bought from an Epassi supplier. 
    Always check if the supplier you want to use is part of Epassi or not. Ask them, or search for your supplier (merchant) on the Epassi website.

  2. The receipt you want to register must have all the information required by the Swedish Tax Agency.

  3. In the future, Epassi will no longer approve physical paper receipts/paper invoices submitted digitally. Such documents need to be sent by post, in the original, due to accounting rules.

The easiest way to use your wellness allowance is to use a supplier that is part of Epassi – that way, you don’t have to worry about receipts or wait to be reimbursed. List of all Epassi suppliers 


Need help getting started?

If you have questions, please email Epassi or contact them by phone: 031-57 26 00.