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Application and admission

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Second admissions results on antagning.se

utb-webb@slu.se Second admissions results publish on antagning.se. No reply required. For the second notification, you don't need to reply to courses you wish to keep. You can decline those courses

Deadline reply to your offer

Last day to reply to your offer utb-webb@slu.se If you are admitted or a waitlisted student in the admission round, you need to reply to you offer in order to keep your place. Log in at

Webinar about tuition fees and residence permit

utb-webb@slu.se If you are to study at a university in Sweden for a period of time longer than three months, you can apply for a residence permit for higher education. In this webinar, we will guide

Late application opens

Late application for courses opens utb-webb@slu.se Late applications can be submitted once the admission results have been published (in the second admission round). SLU will open for late

Application for spring semester opens

utb-webb@slu.se Rembember to apply for spring semester 2025 courses. This applies to both free standing courses and programme courses. The application period opens 16 September and will close 15

Admissions results published

Admissions results published on antagning.se utb-webb@slu.se If you applied to the second round for autumn or spring semester, you must reply to your first Notification of Selection Result. You

Webinar for newly admitted students 16 April

utb-webb@slu.se Students admitted to a Master’s programme or the Bachelor's programme Forest and Landscape at SLU, are welcome to attend this preparatory webinar. This webinar will provide

Admission results Bachelor's first round

Admission results published for Bachelor’s first admission round utb-webb@slu.se You do not have to reply to your offer. If you do not intend to start the programme you have been admitted to,

Course start Spring semester 2024

Course start Spring semester 2024 utb-webb@slu.se Roll call will be taken at your first lecture. You can search for your schedule on the SLU course page. You must register on the course in order to

Second admissions results

Second admissions results - no reply utb-webb@slu.se In the second selection, is based on your previous answers. If you have been admitted and want to keep your place or remain as a reserve, you do

Last day to reply to your offer

Last day to reply to your offer utb-webb@slu.se The last day to reply to you offer for Spring semester is 18 December in the first notification of selection results. This also applies to students

Make a late application

Make a late application utb-webb@slu.se Late application opens 15 December if you forgot to apply in time for Spring semester 2024. You can make a late application on universityadmissions.se for