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Ryan Davidson

Ryan Davidson
Research Engineer in the CSE group


Originally a technician for the CSE group I spent most of my time taking soil and plant samples and working in the lab preparing samples for analysis. This evolved into a much more varied role when Lönnstorp Research Station becoming part of the SITES infrastructure network in 2016 which required more technical and specialized services such as drone flights, mapping and installation of various sensors and data loggers. Working with the SITES network has led to working in a large part of Southern/Central Sweden flying drones for various SITES stations aswell as for external organizations. Problem solving is my strength along with an interest in utilizing available resources they may be otherwise untapped.

In my toolbox you would find:

  • Multispectral and RGB drones
  • Photogrammetry software, Agisoft, DJI Terra Pro
  • ArcGIS software, ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro
  • Multispectral sensors, soil sensors and loggers
  • Various soil sampling equipment