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Ronju Ahammad

Ronju Ahammad
Ronju Ahammad is a social-ecological system researcher. His research and academic works broadly cover the valuation of ecosystem services, sustainable forest and agriculture land use, livelihoods, and climate change adaptation in the developing tropics (south/south-east Asia) and advanced economy (Australia). Before joining as a postdoc researcher at SLU, he worked as a research associate (Fellow) at Charles Darwin University for the northern Australia agriculture research project and was also a sessional lecturer. Previously he worked in the global agrarian change project of CIFOR (Indonesia) as a research consultant. He is interested in applied research through integrating social, ecological and economic approaches in forest-based ecosystem services valuation, its policy integration, and landscape restorations. He has experience in mixed-method research design, socio-economic survey development, participatory mapping and scenario modelling. He obtained a PhD from Charles Darwin University (Australia), where his thesis examined forest-agrarian changes and their impacts on the regional economy, land uses, and ecosystem services.

Selected publications

Ahammad, R., Stacey, N., Sunderland, T., Sangha, K.K.,2022. Land Use Preference for Ecosystem Services and Well-Being in Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. Forests 12(13), 2086.

Ahammad, R., Hossain, M.K., Sobhan, I., Hasan, R., Biswas, S.R., and Mukul, S.A., 2022. Social-ecological and institutional factors affecting forest and landscape restoration in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. Land Use Policy 125 (106478).

Sangha, K., Ahammad, R., Mazhar, M.S., Hall, M., Owens, G., Kruss, L., Verrall, G.,  Moro, J., and Dickinson, J., 2022. An integrated assessment of the horticulture sector in northern Australia to inform future development. Sustainability 14 (18), 1-18. 

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Ahammad, R., Stacey, N., Eddy, I.M., Tomscha, S.A. and Sunderland, T.C., 2019. Recent trends of forest cover change and ecosystem services in eastern upland region of Bangladesh. Science of the total environment, 647, pp.379-389.

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Ahammad, R., 2011. Constraints of pro-poor climate change adaptation in Chittagong city. Environment and Urbanization, 23(2), pp.503-515.


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