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Ronju Ahammad

Ronju Ahammad
Ronju Ahammad has worked on the valuation of ecosystem services, sustainable forest and agriculture land use and climate change adaptation in the developing tropics (south/south-east Asia) and advanced economy (Australia). Before joining as a postdoc researcher at SLU, he worked as a research associate (Fellow) at Charles Darwin University for the northern Australia agriculture research project and was also a sessional lecturer. Previously he worked in the global agrarian change project of CIFOR (Indonesia) as a research consultant. He is interested in applied research, mainly the integration of social, ecological and economic approaches in forest-based ecosystem services valuation, its policy integration, and landscape restorations. He has experience in mixed-method research design, socio-economic survey development, participatory mapping and scenario modelling. He obtained a PhD from Charles Darwin University (Australia), where his thesis examined the forest-agrarian changes and their impacts on the regional economy, land uses, and ecosystem services.

Selected publications

Ahammad, R., Stacey, N and Sunderland, T (2021). Analysis of forest-related policies for supporting ecosystem services-based forest management in Bangladesh. Ecosystem Services 48, 101235.

Ahammad, R., Stacey, N, Sunderland, T (2021). Determinants of forest and tree uses across households of different sites and ethnicities in Bangladesh. Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy 17 (1): 432-442. 

Ahammad, R., Stacey, N and T. Sunderland (2020). Assessing land use changes and livelihood outcomes of rural people in the Chittagong Hill Tracts region, Bangladesh. Land Degradation & Development 1–13.

Ahammad, R., Stacey, N., Tomscha, S, Eddy, M, and Sunderland, T (2019). Recent trends of forest cover change and ecosystem services in eastern upland region of Bangladesh. Science of The Total Environment, 647: 379-389. 

Ahammad, R., Stacey, N and Sunderland, T (2019). Use and perceived importance of forest ecosystem services in rural livelihoods of Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh. Ecosystem Services, 35: 87-98. 

Sunderland, T., Abdoulaye, R., Ahammad, R., Asaha, S., Baudron, F., Deakin, E., Duriaux, J.Y., Eddy, I., Foli, S., Gumbo, D. and Khatun, K (2017). A methodological approach for assessing cross-site landscape change: Understanding socio-ecological systems. Forest Policy and Economics, 84: 83-91. 

Ahammad, R and Stacey, N (2016) Forest and agrarian change in the Chittagong Hill Tracts region of Bangladesh, in Deakin et al. (eds.) Agrarian change in tropical landscapes, CIFOR, 190-233. 

Ahammad, R., Nandy, P., Husnain, P (2013). Unlocking ecosystem based adaptation opportunities in coastal Bangladesh. Journal of Coastal Conservation: Planning and Management, 17:833–840. 

Ahammad, R (2011) Constraints of pro-poor climate change adaptation in Chittagong city. Environment and Urbanization, 23 (2):503-515. 


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