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Michalina Grabowska

Michalina Grabowska


After I graduated with a degree in forestry engineering from the Poznan University of Life Sciences in Poland, I continued my education at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp. I was enrolled in the programme "Euroforester", which I finished with a degree of Master of Science
with a major in Forest Science. During my studies I spent one semester at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences as part of the Erasmus exchange. 

I also worked as a research assistant, previously at the Institute of Dendrology Polish Academy of Sciences and, after finishing my studies, at the SLU.

I am currently a PhD student at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre in Alnarp, SLU. My study is part of the project Trees that grow better (Träd som växer bättre), founded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SFF).


My research topic focuses on Populus plantations and their adaptation to changing climate. I am examining traits of different poplar clones such as: initial growth under various conditions, bud set and, as a result, growth cessation in autumn, bud burst in spring. I am investigating clones dedicated to different latitudes: from Italy in the south to Iceland and Alaska in the north. 
Another project is about high-throughput plant phenotyping and the potential of using this facility for early assessment of poplars.
Moreover, I will review current knowledge about poplar clones suitable for northern climates.