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Matthew Kessler

Matthew Kessler
Matthew Kessler is a food systems podcaster, educator and former farmer. He is a project coordinator for TABLE, a collaboration between the University of Oxford, SLU, and Wageningen University and Research. TABLE explores the evidence and values that inform different visions and solutions for the food systems. He works part-time with SLU Future Food.


Matthew Kessler has over a decade of experience working across the food system - on farms, kitchens, classrooms and labs. He hosts, produces and edits two podcasts with TABLE, and coordinates events, written outputs, and engagement with SLU researchers across disciplines and departments.


Matthew has given guest lectures and seminars in the MSc Sustainable Food Systems Course, and has run several workshops that explore peoples' values and has them reflect on where they enter different food systems debates.

Selected publications


Feed: a food systems podcast (2021-?) asks if a local or global food system is more sustainable, and who should have more power to shape the future of the food system. Feed currently has 40 episodes that speak with global experts from different backgrounds about what food systems transformation should look like.

Meat: the four futures (2023) podcast explores the competing visions, motivations and evidence supporting four different meat and livestock futures: 1) plant-based no meat, 2) less (and better) meat, 3) alternative "meat", 4) efficient meat 2.0. Through a combination of storytelling, field pieces, and analysis - we unpack the promises and pitfalls of these four scenarios.



Project Coordinator at the Department of Energy and Technology; Division of Agricultural Engineering
Postal address:
Inst för energi och teknik, Box 7032
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala