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Maria Ernfors

Maria Ernfors
Researcer in Cropping Systems Ecology, with a focus on soil, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon and nitrogen


I take an interest in carbon and nitrogen cycling in cropping systems, with a focus on how management and systems design influence greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen dynamics and soil carbon sequestration.


I am responsible for the courses ”BI1220, Sustainable soil management in agroecosystems” and “BI1272, Crop production – soil and plants”, both part of the Agriculture and rural management program. My teaching is related to cropping systems, soil science and climate change.



  • MSc in Agriculture, specialising in Soil and Plant Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 2001
  • PhD in Natural Science, specialising in Environmental Science, University of Gothenburg, 2009


I supervise BSc and MSc students mainly within the Agriculture and rural management program, the Agroecology program and the Horticultural programs.

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