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Lars Rönnegård

Lars Rönnegård
Lars Rönnegård is a professor in Statistics at Dalarna University and researcher at the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics here at SLU.


An important goal for Lars Rönnegård is to find simple statistical solutions to complex problems in biology. His research covers traditional livestock species, as well as plants and wildlife. Most of his work is interdisciplinary and he enjoys working together with different research groups.

He is a Beijer Researcher at SLU since 2019 working on precision livestock farming.


Lars Rönnegård is the coordinator of research projects investigating social interactions of dairy cattle.  Apart from a number of publications in statistical genetics, he has also developed a widely used statistical package in R, hglm, which is an important part of his research and in communicating research results in statistics.


  • 2012 - Professor, Dalarna University
  • 2009 – 2012 Associate Professor, Dalarna University
  • 2008 - 2009 Senior Lecturer, Dalarna University
  • 2005 - 2008 PostDoc Uppsala University
  • 2003 - 2005 Lecturer in Statistics, Dalarna University
  • 1998 - 2003 PhD Student, SLU


Supervision of PhD students: Ida Hansson,  Murshid Saqlain, Yishu Zhu, Lotten Wahlund, Claire Wegner.

Previous supervision of PhD students: Kateryna Mishchenko, Xia Shen, Majbritt Felleki, Khurram Maqbool, Behrang Mahjani, Kristin Svensson, Therese Sivertsen, Jovana Marjanovic, Maria Selle, Dorota Anglart, Razaw al-Sarraj.

Selected publications

Patxot, M., Banos, D.T., Kousathanas, A., Orliac, E.J., Ojavee, S.E., Moser, G., Holloway, A., Sidorenko, J., Kutalik, Z., Mägi, R., Visscher, P.M., Rönnegård, L. & Robinson, M.R. (2021) Probabilistic inference of the genetic architecture underlying functional enrichment of complex traits. Nature Communications 12:6972.

Ren, K., Nielsen, P.P., Alam, M., Rönnegård, L. (2021) Where do we find missing data in a commercial real-time location system? Evidence from 2 dairy farms. JDS Communications 2(6):345-350.

Hallén-Sandgren, C., Anglart, D., Klaas, I.C., Rönnegård, L., Emanuelson, U. (2021) Homogeneity density scores of quarter milk in automatic milking systems. Journal of Dairy Science 104(9):10121-10130 .

Anglart, D., Emanuelson, U., Rönnegård, L., Hallén-Sandgren, C. (2021) Detecting and predicting changes in milk homogeneity using data from automatic milking systems. Journal of Dairy Science 104(10):11009-11017 .

Anglart, D., Hallén-Sandgren, C., Emanuelson, U., Rönnegård, L. (2020) Comparison of methods for predicting cow composite somatic cell counts. Journal of Dairy Science 103(9):8433-8442.

Marjanovic, J., Mulder, H.A., Rönnegård, L. & Bijma, P. (2018) Modelling the co-evolution of indirect genetic effects and inherited variability. Heredity 121:631-647.

Lee, Y., Rönnegård, L. & Noh, M. (2017) Data Analysis Using Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models with R. Chapman and Hall/CRC. ISBN 9781138627826.

Skarin, A., Nelleman, C., Rönnegård, L., Sandstrom, P. & Lundqvist, H. (2015) Wind farm construction impacts reindeer migration and movement corridors. Landscape Ecology, 30(8): 1527-1540.

Felleki, M., Lee, D., Lee, Y., Gilmour, A. & Rönnegård, L. 2012. Estimation of breeding values for mean and dispersion, their variance and correlation using double hierarchical generalized linear models. Genetics Research 94:307-317.

Shen, X., Pettersson, M., Rönnegård, L. & Carlborg O. 2012. Inheritance beyond plian heritability: variance-controlling genes in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS Genetics 8(8): e1002839.

Rönnegård, L. & Valdar W. 2011. Detecting major genetic loci controlling phenotypic variability in experimental crosses. Genetics 188:435-447.

Rönnegård, L. & Woolliams, J.A. 2003. Predicted rates of inbreeding with additive maternal effects. Genetical Research 82: 67-77.

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