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Johannes Albertsson

Johannes Albertsson


My work has during the last five years (2010-2015) been focused on the interaction between weeds and willow, a perennial bioenergy crop. My main objective has been to reduce or eliminate the use of herbicides during the establishment phase of the willow crop. I have investigated how willow clones differ in their ability to compete with weeds, and how this ability is affected by the common practice of cutting back first-year shoots. I have also compared the efficiency of chemical and non-chemical weed control methods such as torsion weeders and cover crops. The research has been conducted through large-scale field trials and in close collaboration with farmers and agricultural advisors.

I have, since 1 July 2015, a fulltime position as a post doc in a European project named Climate-CAFÉ. My focus in this project is to obtain new knowledge from Swedish long-term experiments regarding climate change adaptability of different cropping systems. I will also take part in workshops together with farmers for design of innovative cropping systems that will have a high adaptive capacity to climate change.


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MSc in Horticultural Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 2008
PhD in Agriculture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 2014


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