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Johan Liljeblad

Johan Liljeblad
Taxonomist and entomologist working as Maintenance Manager of Artportalen. Safety Representative. Fire Evacuation Leader.


Born in 1963 in Linköping where I also grew up. Moved to Uppsala in 1990 in order to study biology. In 1993 I moved on to Stockholm and in 1995 I got my Masters degree at Stockholm University.


I defended my thesis on the systematics and evolution of the gall wasps in 2002 at Stockholm University. Between 2004-2006 I was part of the John Heraty lab at the University of California, Riverside as a post doc. Here, I did morphology based research on the systematics of primarily the Chalcidoidea but also the Hymenoptera as a whole. This was followed by a few months as post doc at the Texas A&M University, where I worked with a database of all species of the Cynipoidea.

Outside of my duties at SLU, I continue doing some morphology based research into the systematics and evolution of wasps, primarily the gall wasps in the superfamily Cynipoidea.

in Figitidae:
Euceroptrinae Buffington & Liljeblad, 2008
Euceroptres whartoni Buffington & Liljeblad, 2008

in Paraulacidae:
Paraulaicdae Nieves-Aldrey & Liljeblad, 2009
Paraulacini Nieves-Aldrey & Liljeblad, 2009
Paraulax queulensis Nieves-Aldrey & Liljeblad, 2009
Paraulax ronquisti Nieves-Aldrey & Liljeblad, 2009
Cecinothofagus Nieves-Aldrey & Liljeblad, 2009
Cecinothofagus gallaecoihue Nieves-Aldrey & Liljeblad, 2009
Cecinothofagus gallaelenga Nieves-Aldrey & Liljeblad, 2009
Cecinothofagus ibarrai Nieves-Aldrey & Liljeblad, 2009

in Cynipidae:
Qwaqwaiini Liljeblad, Nieves-Aldrey & Melika, 2011
Qwaqwaia Liljeblad, Nieves-Aldrey & Melika, 2011
Qwaqwaia scolopiae Liljeblad, Nieves-Aldrey & Melika, 2011

Environmental analysis

Maintenance Manager of Mangement Object Observation which includes e.g. Artportalen, the Swedish Species Observation System. Swedish representative for the Global Taxonomy Initiative.

Between 2012 and 2021 I worked as Manager of Dyntaxa, Sweden's national taxonomic database of wild organisms.

Have also dealt with identification keys and at times been chairman of the Committee for Swedish Animal Names.



In 2003-2004 I worked with starting up the Swedish Malaise Trap Project, during which I mounted around 60 Malaise traps all over the country.

Selected publications

Buffington, M. L., Forshage, M., Liljeblad, J., Tang, C.-T. & van Noort, S. (2020) "World Cynipoidea (Hymenoptera): A Key to Higher-Level Groups." Insect Systematics and Diversity 4(4): 1; 1–69.

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Environmental Assessment Specialist at the Swedish Species Information Centre; SLU Artdatabanken Digitala verktyg
Telephone: +4618671434, +46761330328
Postal address:
Box 7007
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Almas allé 8E, Uppsala, Uppsala