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Fernando Chaguaceda

My postdoctoral project aims to assess and predict changes in Arctic freshwater biodiversity and food webs under rapid environmental change in such high latitudes. I will use controlled lab experiments mixed with large-scale field studies and I will collaborate with an international group of experts from North American and Scandinavian universities.


I am a Postdoc interested in the effects of environmental change on freshwaters, from individuals to ecosystems. During my PhD, I investigated how environmental changes affect resource-mediated (bottom-up) and predator-mediated (top-down) control of lake food webs. At SLU I will use lab experiments and large scale field studies in order to study the effects of rapid environmental change in Arctic freshwater ecosystems on food webs and biodiversity. I am also particularly interested in the effects of environmental change on food and nutrient linkages across habitat and ecosystem boundaries and how that can lead to a reconfiguration of food webs across the landscape.