15 May

PO Bäckströms sal, samt uppkopplade lokaler i Alnarp och Ultuna, Umeå

Let's talk science! Why do we have the same amount of forest damage despite fewer moose?

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Moose cause most browsing damage on forests in Sweden. Despite reducing moose densities by 30-40 % during the last decade, damage levels remain at the same level. Why is this? Or is the apparent lack of effect a result of inadequate monitoring methods?


Invited speakers are Annika Felton from the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, and Wiebke Neumann and Fredrik Widemo, both from the deparment for wildlife, fish and environmental studies.

Let's talk science! is a seminar series initiated by the Faculty of Forests sciences to encourage scientific dialogue at SLU. Do you have a topic that you would like to discuss with your collegues at the faculty? Please, send your suggestion to annika.mossing@slu.se


Time: 2024-05-15 14:00
City: Umeå
Location: PO Bäckströms sal, samt uppkopplade lokaler i Alnarp och Ultuna
Organiser: Faculty of Forest Sciences
Additional info:

Annika Mossing, annika.mossing@slu.se


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