3 May

Tammsalen, Uppsala and online via Zoom

Advancements in digital agriculture - artificial intelligence in practice

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Portrait photo of Abozar Nasirahmadi

You are most welcome to attend the seminar by Abozar Nasirahmadi, on Friday the 3rd of May at 10.00 in Tammsalen at the Ecology Centre in Ultuna or via Zoom. Abozar is a new professor at the Department of Energy and Technology.

Abozar will present some of his research on digitalization in crop farming, with a focus on advancing crop monitoring systems through artificial intelligence techniques. He will show various research studies utilizing machine vision (different optical sensing) and machine learning methods to used in agriculture, including pest insect detection, individual crop identification and classification, and the development of robotic solutions in agriculture.

Furthermore, he will also discuss mobile app development for farm management and its application through a case study of rangeland monitoring in Africa.

Abozar Nasirahmadi will be available until 12.00 if you want to discuss some ideas with him directly, after the seminar.


Time: 2024-05-03 10:00 - 11:00
City: Uppsala and online via Zoom
Location: Tammsalen


Fede Berckx

Postdoctor at the Department of Crop Production Ecology; Plant Ecology; SLU

E-mail: fede.berckx@slu.se