20 Mar

Stora Inspektorn, Hus Inspektorn, Uppsala

Gender relations in science - the case of Rwanda

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Welcome to a seminar for interested SLU staff on 20 March: Gender relations in science – the case of Rwanda.

Two reserachers are visiting from the University of Rwanda and they will give presentations on the following topics:

Advancing Science Advice through University and Community Partnerships: A case of SUVI Model,

Professor Alfred R. Bizoza, Agricultural Economist and Policy Analyst, University of Rwanda 

Advancing gender in STEM

Dr Jennifer Batamuliza, Lecturer & Head of Data Driven Incubation Hub, University of Rwanda


About the speakers

Dr. Jennifer Batamuliza is the Head of Data Driven Incubation Hub and Short Professional Courses at African Center of Excellence in Data Science, University of Rwanda.

Dr. Jennifer is also the Girls Empowerment Lead at Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at University of Rwanda. She is the Deputy Project Coordinator and Career Path Lead for UR AFRETEC project implemented by CMU-Africa and sponsored by Mastercard Foundation.

She is a lecturer at the University of Rwanda teaching IT courses to undergraduate students and Data Science courses to Masters Students in Data Science. She supervises both Masters and PhD students research in Internet of Things and Data Science. She is the Vice President for Rwandan Association for Women in Science and Engineering (RAWISE).

She is the Founder and CEO of RWA TECH HUB an organization that trains and mentors girls in ICT. She is a former Local Engagement Coordinator representing Rwanda in TechGirls program an Initiative of the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. She is a former Head of Software Engineering Department and lecturer at Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA). She holds a PHD in Data Science with an option in Data Mining. She holds a Master’s degree of engineering in computer science and technology. She holds a bachelor degree in computer engineering and information technology.

She is a DASCA certified senior big data analyst. Her research focuses on big data analytics, machine learning, cyber security, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. She attended Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders at Arizona State University, U.S. where she did Leadership in Public Management. She attended University Partnership Exchange Program at University of Nebraska, U.S.

She attended an exchange program at Chalmers university of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.

She has won different grants and awards and she was also awarded the Women Science Leadership Award 2022 by National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) for promoting girls and women in Science and Technology.

Prof. Alfred R. BIZOZA is a PhD holder and a Professor of Agricultural Economics from the University of Rwanda (UR) with extensive academic and policy research experience in areas of Agricultural Economics, Institutional Economics of Soil and Water Conservation, Economics of Land, Economics of Climate Change Adaptation, and Economic perspectives of Gender. He has also served in several capacities including Director of Research at the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research during 2014-2017; Senior Research Adviser for the LAND Project (2012-2014), Director of UR Consultancy Bureau (2011). He completed his PhD at Wageningen University in 2011. He served as a Visiting Scholar at Michigan State University, USA in 2009 and the Cambridge University in 2017 for his post-doctoral research on economics of climate change adaptation in Rwanda.

Prof. Bizoza is an influential academician and policy Analyst. He has combined his academic and policy research that enabled him to publish several impactful papers and to make significant contribution to the drafting of various policies (e.g. the National Policy on Gender of 2021 and the on-going National Land Use Policy), strategies, national reports in Rwanda and elsewhere in Africa. He is currently the Principal Investigator of four on-going projects (including ENTRUST funded through UR-SIDA cooperation) that intends to improve the role of Science Advice in policy and national socio-economic transformation. All these three projects are focusing on innovation partnerships using an Innovative approach known as Societal University Village Initiative (SUVI) introduced by Bizoza in 2019. The SUVI approach is currently being applied by UR as part of mechanisms to promote issue or challenge-based teaching and research. This further helps to link research and policy in addressing specific issues facing the community.

Furthermore, Bizoza serves in different research networks, boards, and platforms as a member or team leader. He is the team leader of INGSA Africa Hub- Rwanda, the Chair of UR committee on Research and Innovation Agenda, he serves on the board of Africa Food Fellowship Programme, Mentor and Coach of the AGRA’s CALA programme, Chair of Board of the Authentic Word Ministries in Rwanda, and Founder and President of the HLC-L4D, a Policy Research and Mentorship Centre. Previously, Bizoza served as an Economist Board Member of the National Bank of Rwanda upon appointment by the Government’s Cabinet during 2013-2018.


Time: 2024-03-20 10:30 - 12:00
City: Uppsala
Location: Stora Inspektorn, Hus Inspektorn
Organiser: SLU Global and the Department of Urban and Rural Development