14 Oct
18 Oct

VHC, Ultuna, Uppsala, Uppsala

CRU PhD student course: Comparative reproductive biotechnologies

The aim of the course is to expand the participants’ knowledge and understanding of reproductive biotechnologies in vertebrate animals and humans. Comparative aspects of reproductive biotechnologies in humans and animals will be covered.


Persons admitted to, or have completed, a postgraduate program in animal science, reproduction, biology, medicine, veterinary medicine, food science, nutrition, or related subjects, or to a specialist training program (e.g. resident) or equivalent within the same subjects. A basic understanding of reproductive biology is needed.


There is no course fee but participants must cover their own travel and living expenses.


The course application opens 2 May 2024 (maximum number of participants is 20 and admitted following the “first come - first served principle” but PhD students and residents from SLU and Uppsala University have priority).

Apply here: GS-VMAS Courses and application

Schedule and syllabus

For preliminary schedule and syllabus, see CRU PhD student course: Comparative reproductive biotechnologies 2024 (upd 2024-04-25. Pdf).


For further information, contact course leader Ylva Sjunnesson (ylva.sjunnesson@slu.se).


Time: 2024-10-14 - 2024-10-18
City: Uppsala
Location: VHC, Ultuna, Uppsala
Organiser: Department of Clinical Sciences/Centre for Reproductive Biology in Uppsala (CRU)/Cells for Life Platform/ Developmental Biology Platform