5 Sep

Loftet, Alnarpsgården, Alnarp

Across – urban futures across the hemispheres

Welcome to a conference where the transdisciplinary landscape architectural and urban design work of Critical Urbanities will be presented to a wider audience.

SLU’s department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management at Alnarp, Malmö, and the University of Buenos Aires’ Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism have been collaborating in a Linneaus Palme Partnership to exchange students and teachers since 2014.
The interest has been to advance critical knowledge for fragile urban water landscapes and to devise methods for improving socio-spatially fragmented urban areas characterised by changing water regimes in times of climate emergency. As the Linnaeus Palme programme is coming to end, we want to celebrate the achievements of this project and lay the foundation for further common work. At the conference, the initiators, selected authors and project partners will present their transdisciplinary landscape architectural and urban design work to a wider audience.
We have also published a dossier in ‘scape the international magazine of landscape architecture and urbanism #19/2022, synthesising the accumulated knowledge in collaboration with their academic network.
Hope to see many of you there!
Caroline Dahl and Lisa Diedrich (now representing FADU, University of Buenos Aires)


Conference ‘ACROSS – pluriversal urban futures’

5 September 2023

Loftet Lecture Hall

SLU Campus Alnarp, Sundsvägen 4-6, 234 22 Lomma, Sweden


8.30h welcome and coffee

9.00h Introduction

Dr. Caroline Dahl, SLU

9.15h Critical urbanities on the move

Prof. Dr. Lisa Diedrich, Prof. Dr. Flavio Janches, SLU and FADU-UBA

9.45h Street furniture across the hemispheres

Dr. Johan Wirdelöv, SLU

10.15h coffee break

10.45h Prototyping productive landscapes in Cairo and Umea

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Redeker, Umea Architecture School

11.15h Staging future-proof relationships between humans and water in Kigali and Brandenburg

MSc. Pascal Müller, Technical University Berlin

11.45h Wrap-up

Dr. Caroline Dahl, Prof. Dr. Lisa Diedrich

12.00h end 


Caroline Dahl, Operations Manager at the Movium Think Tank
Enheten för samverkan och utveckling
caroline.dahl@slu.se, 040-41 52 61