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PhD course: In-depth course in forest regeneration

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Forest regeneration is the process by which a forest area is re-established after that the trees have been harvested. The goal of forest regeneration is to restore the ecological and environmental functions of theforest, as well as to provide economic, social, and cultural ecosystem services to the society and the forest owners.

The purpose of the course is to present a comprehensive overview of the complete chain of forest regeneration and to give the students insight into the complexity of regeneration methods in Scandinavia. This course consists of both self/individual studies (e.g. literature studies, individual project work) and field-based practice.  The course starts June 5 with webinars and introduction of the course. Most of the course is self-studies, distance learning and individual project work. The course ends with 5 days field excursions in Småland and Skåne (August 14-18). For more information regarding the course schedule please contact the course leader Mikolaj Lula.

Fore more information on the course read the course syllabus

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Time: 2023-06-05 - 2023-08-27
City: Alnarp
Organiser: Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre
Last signup date: 28 May 2023