14 May


Open digital lecture: The gap between knowledge and action (in Swedish)

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Climate change is discussed in many contexts, and we are generally all aware that we will have to change our behaviour in this aspect. Despite this, there is a gap between what we know we should do and what we actually do. Why is that?

The open lecture with the Climate Psychologists is organized by the Climate Students, in collaboration with the SLU University Library and SLU’s environmental unit. The Climate Psychologists are licenced psychologists focusing on climate and environmental perspectives.

The focus of the lecture is the question why it is so hard for us to act on the knowledge we have and create new habits. The lecture is given by Kata Nylén. She has a background as a project coordinator for preventive measures in schools and social work. She also lectures and holds workshops on climate psychology.

The Climate Students was formed by students at SLU in Uppsala. In November 2018 students from Uppsala, Gothenburg and Stockholm created the organisation Climate Students Sweden. The objective is to quickly grow into an international student movement, made up of local groups all over the world, and save the future. This lecture is based on the goal to make the university listen to and act on available research in this area, conducted both at SLU and in other parts of the world.

The lecture is given in Swedish.  

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