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Open lecture: Alleged predatory publishing at Swedish universities

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Welcome to an open lecture on questionable scientific publishing. The researcher Gustaf Nelhans has studied how widespread this type of publishing is at Swedish universities and presents the results in this lecture, which is given in English. The library will also briefly provide information on how you as a researcher can avoid deceptive or “predatory” journals.

In recent years, rogue actors, often called "predatory publishers", have appeared in the publishing market. These actors take advantage of the open access model where journals and publishers cover their costs through publication fees. The business idea of these publishers is to publish and charge for as many articles as possible, usually without peer-review. In the lecture "Alleged questionable publishing at the Higher Education Institute (HEI) level in Sweden - what should be counted as a problematic share?" Gustaf Nelhans presents the results of a study he recently conducted.

Gustaf Nelhans is a senior lecturer in library and information science at the University of Borås. His research places emphasis on the use of bibliometrics and citation analysis for both research information and resource allocation.

The open lecture is arranged by the SLU University Library, which also in connection with the lecture briefly tells you how you as a researcher can avoid deceptive or “predatory” journals.

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