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Workshop: SLU's new global policy

Contribute to the work with SLU’s global policy at a workshop on 12 November, and/or join a working group during the coming months.

SLU’s vice-chancellor decided on a new global policy for SLU in June 2019. With the new policy as a starting point, we now move SLU’s global network activities to a new level, starting with a workshop open for all SLU staff, where we roll up our sleeves and discuss how we can raise our efforts to contribute to Agenda 2030. 

At the workshop, six groups will be formed in accordance to the prioritized areas in the global policy. From the workshop, a number of working groups will be developed to continue the work in the subsequent months. If you can’t join the workshop on 12 November you can still be a part of the working groups later on (please indicate in the registration form below). You can also participate at the workshop on 12 November without joining a working group afterwards (you will decide during the workshop if you want to join).

Prioritized areas

At the registration, you will choose which prioritized area you want to work with:

  • Climate change
  • Food security
  • Circular and biobased economy
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Global health
  • Urban sustainability
Time plan
  • Workshop: 12 November 2019 at Ultuna
  • Analysis and writing in up to 6 working groups: 12 Nov 2019 – March 2020
  • Seminars presenting the work: April 2020
Practical arrangements for the workshop 12 November

Location: Lecture hall T, Ulls hus and various group rooms.

SLU Global offers to pay for train tickets and hotel for staff travelling from other campuses (please indicate in the registration form).

Expected outputs from the workshop 
  • Identify specific SDG targets within each of the six areas where SLU has a strong contribution, and potential gaps where further work could be done.
  • Identify goal conflicts within the areas where there is need for increased understanding.
  • Identify potential topics for one or several policy briefs within each area.
  • Form working groups and identify group leaders for further work during the coming month.

Hopefully the conversations along the way may also contribute to ideas for proposal writing, public debate or review articles.


Registration is closed.
Time: 2019-11-12 09:00 - 15:45
City: Ultuna, Uppsala
Location: Lecture hall T, Ulls hus
Last signup date: 3 November 2019
Additional info:

Have you not yet registered to SLU's internal global network? Please follow this link!

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