Welcome to Ultuna täppförening!

Last changed: 14 October 2021

We have an allotment garden north of Ultuna with 77 land plots, that primarily employees at SLU may rent.

A plot is approx. 6 x 10 meter and rental fee is 400 SEK/year. If you want to rent a plot, you need to sign up to our queue. For more information, please contact the association through email: ultunatf@gmail.com.

Here is an overview map over the allotment area. 

The association has a tool shed nearby, where you can borrow shovels, wheelbarrows and other gardening tools. Please read or rules if you want to become a member.

Once a year, we have a cleaning day when we meet, clean the area, buy new tools and enjoy coffee and cakes. The association also has an annual meeting to elect people to the association board for the year to come.