Last changed: 29 May 2024

A significant need on most websites is the ability to list content in various ways and in different locations. is no exception.

Right now we've delved deeply into listings and how they should function moving forward. The process is very much ongoing, and nothing is set in stone.

Current Situation

On the current platform, we can list things in two different ways:

  • Page listing page
  • Listing block

Both variations can handle all of the most common page types and are primarily used to list news and calendar events. Because different listings have different needs and we only have one page type/block, it's quite complex and somewhat cumbersome to manage. Both for editors and for web management. Among other things, there are 10 different ways to sort a list. Not optimal.

Separated Listings

To facilitate progress, we will separate the listings for the new website. The idea is to have two page types and two blocks.

  • Page listing page/listing block – handles news and other page types such as standard page, CV page, entrance page, etc.
  • Calendar listing page/calendar listing block – handles calendar events. And likely announcements.

The big advantage is that we don't need to cram several different sorting methods into the same page type, but can break out those relevant to each need. It also becomes easier to manage and develop forward when we have fewer dependencies to consider.

Manual List

A recurring request is the ability to create a list with manually curated content. It's already possible today, but it's quite complicated to sort it sensibly. We want to fix this by building a sorting option that focuses entirely on the content the editor has placed in the block area for manual pages and makes this list easier to sort.

Differences from listings on the current website

Some features are added, and some are removed.


  • An option for manual sorting that works smoothly.
  • Possibly a smarter category filter where the editor can narrow the selection. For example, listing pages that must have both category A and B, unlike today where all pages with A and B are displayed.


  • Currently, the listing page and block fetch the page's name. We will change this to primarily fetch the page's headline and secondarily the page's name.
  • The editing mode will have a more logical workflow.
  • Maybe we'll review the function for adding a local search and filter so that not only admins can fix it.


  • The ability to set how many hits should be displayed per listing page. This will in the future be a global setting that applies to all listings.
  • The ability for the editor to set a maximum number of hits on a listing page. Everything should be listed, making this feature unnecessary.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback!

//Sebastian Ahlund