How will I be affected by the O-Ringen event on Ultuna campus?

Last changed: 02 June 2022

From July 23 to July 30, O-Ringen (the world's biggest orienteering competition) will be arranged at Ultuna Campus. Of course, this will affect the SLU staff at Ultuna.

Information about the entire event is available on O-Ringen's website.

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Competitions close Flottsund Bridge. On Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th of July, the Flottsund Bridge will be closed to traffic. Read more

On this page you will find information about how the O-Ringen competitions will affect:

This is how the Ultuna area will be affected

Outdoor environments

Premises and buildings

  • The sports hall - provided for shower facilities, etc. for O-Ringens's officials
  • VHC - some premises will be used for map management
  • A few other premises will also be used

How you who work at Ultuna Campus will be affected

  • It should be possible for those not on vacation to work as usual during the week.
  • Many people will be on campus, so security will be increased.

Traffic and parking

  • A lot of people means a lot of traffic. To facilitate the traffic, the following will apply:
    • Entrance to the area via the southern entrance, i.e. Ultuna allé.
    • Exit from the area via the northern entrance, i.e. Veterinärvägen.
  • The road to SVA will be closed to traffic, except for employees at SVA.
  • O-Ringenbuses will depart/arrive in columns of 2-3 buses with boarding and disembarking at the Clinic Center (KC) when O-Ringen participants are to be transported to and from today's stages.
  • Parking during the week can be difficult. It may be possible to cancel parking for SLU employees. However, it is expected that most of the O-Ring participants will park adjacent to the campsite.
  • Competitions close Flottsund Bridge. On Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th of July, the Flottsund Bridge in the very south parts of Uppsala will be closed to traffic due to the orienteering competition. The suspension applies from 7.00 to 17.00.

    Road 255 is closed so that traffic between Fredrikslund and Sävja is not possible. Hemslöjdsvägen will also be closed to traffic. Information boards are set up one week before the shutdown in several places. Traffic guards are on site to inform the days when the road is closed. There are turning points at the closures on road 255.

Public transport

  • Public transport will not enter the Ultuna area but will pass Ultuna on Dag Hammarskjöld's väg.

How the activities at UDS will be affected

  • The activities at UDS will be able to continue without interruption.
  • Together with the O-Ringen, SLU can band off certain areas, such as areas close to our animals.
  • Parking at UDS will only be allowed for visitors to the animal hospital.
Map of Ultuna, showing where the camping is located.
The campground: 1000 places with electricity (green), 1,300 places without electricity (black), 300 places for official's camping (red).
Photo that shows how dirty it was after a festival and another photo that shows how clean it was the day after the O-ring in Norrköping 2019.
To the left: The day after the Bråvalla festival. To the right: The camping ground the day after O-Ringen in Norrköping 2019. O-Ringen is certified through Greentime.