How does the service work?

Last changed: 10 April 2024

Here you can see how the Mobile bikes service at Campus Ultuna works

  1. Book your service at Joey's cycle workshop: Booking SLU  
  2. Deliver the bike to the workshop on campus (see location below) in the morning of the day you have booked
    • Preferably at 8:00 and at the latest at 12:00
  3. The bicycle workshop will contact you with the estimated cost and service proposal before the work begins
  4. When the bike is ready, you will receive a confirmation and the payment instructions (payment is made with Swish, contact the workshop if you cannot pay with Swish)
  5. Come to the mobile workshop and pay and collect your bike
  6. When the service is complete, you will receive a link to our customer survey. Fill it in to help the project develop the service
  7. Keep cycling and share the news with your course mates and colleagues if you are satisfied!


An image of a bicycle showing the different types of services that the bike service can include. The information of the supplier is also included

Where is the workshop located?

During the promotion period (April 8th to 11th) the workshop is located in the white tent between Ulls hus and Biocentrum (see the picture below). Later on the workshop will be located at the "food truck" area, north of VHC.  

Map of the location of the bike service during the promotion. The workshop is located between Ulls hus and Biocentrum.

How much does this service cost? 

The ambition is to offer an affordable service with good quality and service. The costs for standard work are shown in connection with the booking. You will receive a cost estimate before action is taken.

If you have problems with your bycicle after the service

Get in contact with the bike workshop as soon as possible so they can correct the problem!

If you cannot pay with Swish

Contact the workshop so that you can find an alternative solution

If you cannot pick up or drop off the bike when the workshop is on site

Inform about this when you do the booking or via SMS and you will receive further instructions on how to proceed. A limited number of SSF approved code locks are available for this, so you can collect the bike later at a bike rack near the mobile workshop. Once you've paid, you get a code to unlock your bike. You then leave the lock closed in the bike rack and notify the workshop so they can pick it up. For your own bicycle security, pick up the bike as soon as you can!

Contact the workshop: 0760-645506 


The mobile bicycle service at Campus Ultuna is a business between you as a private person and the bicycle workshop. SLU provides space for the bicycle workshop and informs about the service through our channels. Our supplier during the 2024 pilot project is Joey's bicycle service and is fully responsible for its services to you as a customer.
For the customers who need to collect or leave the bicycle outside the workshop's opening hours, code locks that are approved by SSF are used.