Purchasing limits

Last changed: 04 December 2023

The value of a purchase determine which purchase procedure to use, whether it is OK with a direct order or if it is necessary to carry out a formal procurement.

Assessing the value of the purchase

The calculation of the purchase amount should include all purchases of the equivalent type of goods / service for the entire SLU during one calendar year (regardless of one or more supplier).

When calculating the value of a procurement, all parts of the procurement must be included such as extension possibilities, options, service, maintenance, education etc.
If one calculates the value of a service, one should count on an intended contract period (4 years) and will then reach the limit for procurement faster.

Limit for direct purchase, i.e. purchases which doesn't demand the process of call for formal offers

The limit for direct purchase of goods and services is, from 1 February 2022, 700 000 SEK excl VAT.

Demand for documentation for purchases exceeding 100 000 SEK.

In the case of purchases exceeding 100 000 SEK, a quote should, if possible, be obtained from at least three suppliers in order to secure competition. (This is not required when ordering from framework agreements.)  

Orders exceeding 100 000 SEK (excl. VAT) must also be documented, explaining the reasons for making a direct order reasons for the choice of the supplier and other relevant facts concerning the process of competition. For this purpose there is in Proceedo an ordering form for free text orders that needs further documentation: ”Purchase over 100 000 SEK” where the documentation can be noted.
If the documentation is more extensive, it is registered before the order is made and the ID number is stated in the order form.
If you order on a framework agreement, this can be stated in the form.

Over the limit for direct purchase - procurement with calling of formal offers

For purchases with amount that exceeds the limit for direct purchases, but is beneath the the threshold limit mentioned below, a procurement  with calling of formal offers has to be carried out. The procurement has to be officially announced in Sweden. Contact the Purchase unit for help.

Over the threshold limit - procurement announced in the whole of EU

For purchases with amount that exceeds the threshold limit below a formal procurement with calling in offers must be carried out and be officially announced in the whole of EU.
Contact the Purchase unit for help.

From January 1, 2022, and so forth, the following threshold limit is valid:

1 456 476 SEK excl VAT

The treshold value is set by the EG Commission every second year.

Purchases from other government agencies do not need to comply with LOU

Procurement from another state authority does not need to comply with the rules in LOU.
This is stated in the Swedish Competition Authority's statement 2018: 1 ID no. 514/2018.


If you need information about e-commerce and Proceedo, please contact ehandel@slu.se.
If you need information about purchases at SLU, please contact the Purchasing Unit  upphandling@slu.se