Digital tools for working from home

Last changed: 11 February 2022
Working from home

At SLU you have access to several digital tools that make it possible to work from home. The tools mentioned in the text are available for all employees at SLU.

SLU:s tools for working from home


VPN is used to connect to systems and services that is usually only available users connecting from the office. However, it is important to note that many of the most common systems do not require VPN to work. Examples of such systems are:

  • Documents and files that are already synced to your computer.
  • Teams
  • OneDrive
  • Zoom
  • Outlook
  • Web browser

You can find more information about how to install and use VPN in the link below.

Read more about how to install and use VPN >> 

To avoid overloading the VPN, we ask you who work with uploaded files to download these locally to your computer and then disconnect you from VPN. At the end of the day or when you have finished the document, you will reconnect with VPN to synchronize the work. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the link below.

Read more about how to synchronize files >>



Teams is strongly recommended as the main tool for video meetings as it can also be used for text chat as well as common workspaces.

Read more about how to install and use Teams >>

Outlook video meetings

Outlook video meetings work well for internal video and voice calls. However, the service can become inaccessible / difficult to reach at unusually high loads and therefore we recommend using one of the above services in the first place.

Information on how to use the video booking in Outlook >>

Office 365

As an SLU employee, you get access to the entire office suite which you can install on up to 5 units. You can also access OneDrive with 1TB storage and the ability to share files with your colleagues. 

To access OneDrive you need to follow the instructions in the link above on how to install teams on your computer. 

Click here to get to the office 360 portal >> 

Office 365 / Teams

Other programs 

As SLU give access to more services, this page will be updated. For access to systems and programs that are specific to your job, we recommend that you contact the nearest manager for further instructions. 


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