Microsoft Campus agreement

Last changed: 18 April 2024

General info

SLU has signed a campus agreement with Microsoft in order to simplify the management of licenses for SLU.

As a complement to this agreement, the Select Agreement still exists.


Products included:

The Campus Agreement includes the following products (or later versions):

Microsoft Office Enterprise "multi language" latest version.

Products included in Office 2016 Enterprise are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, Infopath, Communicator and OneNote.


MS Office for Mac OS:

Products in Office for Mac are Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Enterprise Client Access License (Enterprise CAL):

Includes Windows CAL, Exchange CAL, SharePort Portal server CAL, SMS CAL and OCS CAL

Products not included:

The Campus Agreement does not normally include server operating systems or products not explicitly mentioned above.

Product use rights:

Contact IT Support with questions about usage rights.


Important about OEM operating system (OS) licenses

The campus agreement includes upgrades of regular OS, i.e. not sharp versions and not server OS. One is not allowed to buy an empty PC, install a Windows OS and then invoke this Campus agreement. A PC must therefore be purchased with a so-called Windows OEM license so that this PC can then be upgraded with a Campus license.


The OEM license cannot be moved from one PC to another. An OEM license "dies" with the computer it was installed on. This also applies to upgrades of OEM licenses. Server OS, on the other hand, can be purchased via our Select agreement with Microsoft.



Products within the campus agreement are free of charge for all departments since SLU has taken the cost centrally.



All upgrades from Microsoft for incoming products that are released during the contract period are included in the agreement.



Of course, it is allowed to install older versions of Windows and Office under the campus agreement.


Manuals and media

Manuals and media are not included.



The products are available for download on the software servers for local license managers. Microsoft's volume media is thus the same for Select installations and Campus installations. Only the license keys differ.


License keys

New license keys for the campus agreement will be used. These are distributed via IT support.


Reporting of licenses:

The products within the campus agreement do not need to be reported as it is not Select software.


Where the programs can be used:

Installation is allowed only on computers owned directly by SLU. This applies both on campus and off-campus, for example if the computer is located in the home of an employee who has a computer purchased by SLU.


Student organizations, trade unions and subsidiaries may therefore only use campus licenses in computers owned directly by SLU (purchased by and inventoried at SLU).


With the exception of Apple-based computers, all new computers or replacement computers that are subject to a campus license must have a 32/64-bit Windows client operating system preinstalled by the computer manufacturer and a computer manufacturer-licensed operating system. This does not apply to servers as a server OS can be purchased within the selection agreement.


Leased computers:

Installation may also take place in the computers that SLU leases for its operations.


Apple Boot Camp, Parallel Desktop and MS Virtual PC for Intel based Macs

Under the campus agreement, installation of a Windows client OS is permitted in a Mac that can run this under Apple's Boot Camp, Parallel Desktop or MS Virtual PC at no extra cost. In these cases, Mac OS counts as the necessary OEM license that must be at the bottom.

It is also permitted for other products within the campus agreement, such as Office, to be used in these environments at no extra cost.


Home use:

For installation on SLU employees' private computers at home, Microsoft O365 for employees must be used. For more information read here


IT-support, SLU

Directsupport: 018-67 6600 option 1