Ordering software for computer labs

Last changed: 19 May 2021

The use of computers in student computer labs is often an integrated part of many courses. Teachers often know when they are planning for the course what needs they have as regards computers and software, and when they will be used.

Make a plan for the software ordering

Routines for software ordering means that you should integrate it with the rest of the course planning and improve the quality of software installations. Therefore we wish that all software that should be present in the computer labs during the semester is ordered in connection with the rest of the course and room planning.

New computers raise new demands

All computers in the student computer labs use the 64-bit version of Windows 10. To be able to install a software in a Windows network environment the software must meet these demands:

  • It must be compatible with Windows 10, 64 bit.
  • It must be compatible with a Windows network environment where students work at different computers from time to time.
  • It may not demand that the user has administrative rights for the computer.

This means that the software which is going to be used in the student computer environment may not be to old. If you suspect that your software does not fulfil the above demands, please contact us in good time so we can determine if installation is possible. All possible extra costs which may appear for special adjustments for the software will be charged your department.

How to order

Place your order via the web-form ”Request Software Installation in a Classroom” which you can find under category "Service Request" at https://supportit.slu.se/

  • Name and version number of the software. (Note! Only official releases, no beta or trial versions.)
  • The name of the course in which the software will be used.
  • The name of the teacher who will be using the software (if it is not you).
  • Where can we find installation media?
  • Where can we find an installation manual?
  • Information about the program license (e.g type of license, number of licenses, expiry date)
    Note! The purchaser is always responsible for the ordering of licenses and license costs if SLU does not already have a site license or similiar type of licens.
  • Who shall we contact if we have any technical questions about the software?
  • In which computer labs shall we install the software?
  • Under which period do you wish the students to be able to use the software (from... until).



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