Last changed: 16 September 2020

Netigate - a tool for handling surveys

SLU has an agreement with the Netigate company which gives us the possibility to use their web based service for making surveys. 

Netigate is a Swedish company with many big customers all over Europe. The tool for handling surveys which they offer is flexible and all-round both when it comes to creating surveys and to produce reports from recieved survey answers. There are lots of help functions in the system, both as written manuals and short demo films.

To be able to use the Netigate tool you must log on to the web site

If you wish to create a survey you have to get a login account at Netigate by contacting IT-stöd, either by calling 6600 or send a mail to

If you wish to learn how to use the system you can participate in the Netigate webinars. They are arranged several times every month and they are divided into two parts, one for creating surveys and one for handling the result.

If you log on to you can click the webinar option in the upper menu. From there you can read more about the webinars and apply for participation.

You can get in touch with Netigates' own support by calling 020-55 00 10 or sending a mail to


IT-stöd, SLU

Direct support: 018-67 6600

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