Guest accounts at SLU

Last changed: 11 February 2022

Guests who visit SLU for a shorter time can get guest accounts for SLU's computers and wireless network. Below we describe what you or your visitor need to do to get access these accounts.

Guest account for SLU's computers

All staff at SLU can request a guest account for SLU's computers for a visitor. By accessing SLU's computers, the visitor gets access to the internet as well as SLU's standard programs and can show presentations.

Request a guest account

The request can not be made via email. It is done in one of the following ways:

  • You or your visitor make a request by telephone to IT support (018-67 66 00) or on site at IT support.
  • You make a request for the guest account to the catalogue responsible (katalogansvarig) in Idis.

When you make the request, you or your visitor needs to provide:

  • The visitor's personal identity number
  • The visitor's first and last name
  • Responsible person of the account
  • Purpose of the guest account
  • When the account is to be activated
  • How long the account should be active, 1-7 days.
Handing out the guest account

The person who hand out the account is responsible for the visitor to show his or her identification and reads the legal information provided with the login information.

The guest account can be handed out by:

  • IT support
  • Catalogue responsible (katalogansvarig)
  • You, who are responsible of the account. Once the account has been created, an email will be sent to you with login details. If you do not know the person who has received the guest account, please email

Guest account for wifi

If a visitor has a laptop and need to access the internet, the person can get a temporary guest account for the SLU wireless network.

Handing out the guest account

The visitor need to pick up the account personally at IT support or at SLU's Service Center. The vistitor need to show an ID card in order to get the account.

For more information about the guest account for the wifi, the vistor can email

Please note that the wifi account is intended for visitors staying at SLU up to one week. If you have guests who will work for SLU for a longer time, please contact catalogue responsible (katalogansvarig) at your department.