Access to files from home

Last changed: 08 February 2017

Do you wish to work from home with the files you have stored in the SLU file servers?

When you are at work and log on to your computer you will normally get access to the files you have stored in SLU file servers. You will get a folder in "Computer/This Computer", for instance called H or Z.
On the other hand, if you are at home you will not get that folder automatically mapped in your computer. You have to do it manually.

This description works in a computer with Windows 7.

  1. Double click on "Computer".
  2. Choose ”Connect to network” in the upper menu.

  3. In "Unit", choose a letter (normally it does not matter which one you choose).

    • In "Folder", type the path to the network folder you wish to get acces to, in this format:  \\[servername]\[folder]\[subfolder]. For instance: ”\\\home$\pelle” .
    • Activate the option "Reconnect at login" if you wish this to be done automatically in the future.
    • Click ”Finish”. Now you will either see a log on form or be connected to the specified folder directly.