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Last changed: 23 May 2024
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Education is one of SLU’s key tasks. As part of the university’s administration, it’s the task of the Software Development and Maintenance unit to support the digital environment. Many of our education-related assignments come from the Division of Learning and Digitalisation, who work actively with us in their realisation. Providing a solid digital working environment for students, teachers and administrators is the common goal. A place where the digital tools contribute positively to the learning experience and do not become obstacles in themselves.

The digital study environment features a number of systems. Canvas, our study platform, acts as a hub for students and teachers. Ladok on the other hand, the primary system for student administration, is the source for student, programme and course information. Idis, our system for identity management, provides the information needed for authentication. Using various integrations between the systems we manage that users have the correct access to the respective systems, that students and teachers reach the correct course rooms in Canvas, that correct information is shown on the course and programme pages on, that correct templates are applied to newly created course rooms, etc etc. TimeEdit and Inspera are other examples of systems we integrate to the study environment.

The methods used for system integrations vary and are largely dictated by the technologies the respective systems support. For example, Atom feeds are used to read data from Ladok while Canvas exposes a REST-API for both reading and writing. Other systems may require direct access to a database. To match the situation of such different conditions we use a variety of tools and methods including the integration engine BizTalk, in house developed .NET applications and simpler scheduled tasks.

Realising a reliable harmony between these systems and integrations is not a trivial task. It requires that we establish and maintain a high level insight and knowledge of both the technical domain as well as the educational domain and its business model. To this end we cooperate closely with the administrative side and various other groups within the IT department.

Screenshots and pictures

Selected systems


Ladok is a national system for study administration and documentation.


SLU’s study platform where students get information and work with their courses.


SLU’s system for scheduling and room booking. Students can see their schedules and book group rooms. Teachers and administrators can book and schedule facilities for teaching.


SLU’s management system for on-campus digital examinations.


More commonly known at SLU as SLU Play. Kalturas video portal is used to stream video content and is widely used for live or pre-recorded online lectures.


  • BizTalk
  • PowerShell
  • Webhooks
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • Microsoft SQL Server

System owners

The Division of Learning and Digitalisation own the majority of the student systems and are the requesters of the integrations between them.

About development and maintenance

The development and maintenance of the student systems, their middleware and integrations, involve many roles and people from the IT department and the Division of Learning and Digitalisation. These include system developers, system administrators, project leaders, IT architects and client side experts.


In 2021 SLU was chosen as a targeted institution by the Ladok consortium. This meant SLU as a pilot received early access to new functionality in Ladok related to study planning. In June 2022, SLU completely left its previous local system Slukurs for the all new replacement functionality in the national system Ladok.


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