About the Software Development and Maintenance unit

Last changed: 24 January 2024

Qualified system developers, QA/QC testers, test leads and user experience (UX) designers, who develope, adapt and maintain modern IT solutions at the request of institutions and units across SLU. Systems and applications that match expectations and realise new potential in our ever changing digital society.

Our work starts with the client’s needs. Together, we aim to reach a common understanding and an information model over the organisations most important information, working practices and terminology.  From this we can engineer a data model, and from there, propose a suitable solution. We create mobile, web and desktop applications. We create databases and other storage solutions with high consideration for performance, availability and security. We integrate solutions with other internal or external systems and services to simplify user workflows and to add value.

We are full-stack developers, meaning we can handle the whole data chain from collection, validation and processing, to presentation, storage and availability. We utilise other specialist skills at the IT Department when necessary in a project. These can include requirement analysis, project leadership, design, architecture, operations and support.

The systems we work with are just as diversified as the university is itself. Our systems help support the university’s administrative organisation, environmental monitoring projects, scientists and their research, students and their digital learning environment. Development varies from dedicated limited tasks to long-term fully integrated solutions with continuous delivery. We work in agile development teams in close collaboration with the client side. This provides the best results, is flexible, and can quickly adjust development, focus or tempo should a client ever needs to re-prioritize.

As a unit, collectively we accumulate technical expertise as well as wide domain competence in the university’s various areas of study. We share good solutions internally and establish best practices, all of which benefits existing systems and future projects. This is also a natural part of the long-term sustainable maintenance we apply to supported systems. We maintain systems to remain relevant and support their business operations adequately during their expected life cycle.

In these pages we present an overview of how we work with software development and maintenance. We showcase a selection of the systems we develope and maintain. These cover a range of applications, technologies and colleagues at SLU who’ve chosen us to help with their IT development needs. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss a potential IT project we maybe can help with.


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