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Last changed: 12 July 2023

Here you can find frequently asked questions and answers regarding the IT Infrastructure Upgrade Program. If you cannot find your question, please feel free to contact the program management.

What does the program include?

The program includes the development of network, email, identity management, SharePoint, IT platforms, server infrastructure, research IT, and IT security.

Why is the IT Infrastructure Upgrade Program being implemented?

The IT Infrastructure Upgrade Program is being implemented to ensure that SLU can meet the opportunities and needs of digital transformation, as well as contribute to the transition to a more sustainable society and increased quality in operations according to SLU's strategy for the years 2021-2025.

SLU's IT infrastructure is generally outdated and neglected, which hampers the work of teachers, researchers, and support services on a daily basis. Additionally, the need for IT security is increasing, partly due to new regulations for IT security developed by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).

By coordinating various projects and feasibility studies within a comprehensive program, SLU can ensure a sufficiently stable and secure platform for the focus area of "SLU in the digital society" and comply with MSB's new regulations for IT security.

What is the goal of the IT Infrastructure Upgrade Program?

The goal of the IT Infrastructure Upgrade Program is to develop infrastructure and system capacity, as well as ensure the necessary competence and expertise to meet the opportunities and needs of digital transformation.


Information about the program is provided continuously via several channels and here on the employee website.

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