Program steering

Last changed: 24 November 2023

The following individuals are part of the steering group for the program and are kept informed continuously:

  • Maria Knutson Wedel, Headmaster
  • Martin Melkersson, Universitetsdirektör
  • Petra Lagerkvist, IT Director (Chairperson and program owner)
  • Niklas Wiklund, Program Manager

Continuous updates are also provided to the management group within the IT department.

The program is conducted in project form. Each project has its own steering group that reports to the program steering group.

As several of the program's projects are carried out in collaboration with the core operations and therefore affect employees in their daily work, it is important to involve representatives of the stakeholders affected by the program within the framework of each project.

The image shows an overview of the IT-Infralyft program's ongoing and completed projects. The image also shows which employees at SLU are part of each project's steering group.  The projects that have been completed are Pre-study Net 2.0, Offer phase Net 2.0, Server Uppsala and Umeå, Extension backup, E-mail, Pre-study Sharepoint, and Analytics Identity Management. The projects that are ongoing are: Implementation Net 2.0, Lifecycle management Other, Pre-study Security measures, and Implementation Sharepoint upgrade.  Steering group members for the Implementation Net 2.0 project are: Anna Jansson, Johan Dicksved, Pernilla Christensen, Mats Sandgren, Margit Nothnagl, Anders Carlsson, Mats Gyllin, Mats Svensson, Henrik Hedlund, Johan Bertilsson, Petra Lagerkvist, Niklas Wiklund, Samuel Grauman, Johan Lindersson, Per Olofsson  Steering group members for the Implementation Sharepoint upgrade project are: Katrin Stensparre Noren, Matts Djos, Marcus Nilsson, Olof Billinger, Elisabeth Hanning  Steering group members for the Safety Interventions study project are: Johan Bertilsson, Matts Djos, Samuel Grauman, Robert Arvidsson, Niklas Wiklund, Henrik Hedlund  Steering group members for the project Life cycle management of existing IT platform are missing as the project is run in line.

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Information about the program is provided continuously via several channels and here on the employee website.

You can also email questions to