Last changed: 07 March 2024

Here you can read about important and upcoming events in the program. The content is continuously updated.

News and upcoming activities

  • The work with the pre studies about data center strategy, server infrastructure strategy, and research IT, is ongoing and is now entering the final phase. Several workshops have been conducted together with the core operations on the current situation and future visions.
  • The Network 2.0 project is planning its first pilot rollout of new WiFi. The plan is to activate it in the first quarter (Q1) of 2024 in Östra Längan at Ulls Hus, Ultuna. The project is also reaching out to representatives across SLU:s multiple sites to understand their future need of network. Please contact project leader Stefan Lundman ( for more information.
  • The work on three different pre-studies began at the turn of October/November 2023. The project leader is Ludvig Hermelin Waerner. The first pre-study, Research IT, aims to investigate the needs that exist and the capabilities that the IT department needs to meet researchers' IT needs. The second pre-study, Server infrastructure strategy, strives to develop a strategy for storage and server platforms. The third pre-study, Data Centre strategy, aims to find a long-term strategy for data centers and server halls.
  • The mounting of new access points in Ulls Hus began in November 2023. For more updates on Network 2.0, see the news update from October 30, 2023, at the following link:
  • An upgrade of SharePoint took place between March 22 and 27. During that period, no changes could be made to documents or upload new ones; it was only possible to read the documents. SharePoint started functioning normally again on Monday morning, March 27.
  • The Identity Management Analysis project was completed on March 16. A compiled report is now available, describing SLU's current situation and requirements regarding identity management.

Ongoing projects

Below are ongoing projects within the IT Infrastructure Upgrade Program, along with information about the involved individuals and project objectives. 


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Completed projects

Below are illustrated the completed projects within the IT Infrastructure Upgrade Program, as well as projects that have not yet started.


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Planned projects

Below illustrates planned projects are within the IT-Infralyftprogrammet (IT Infrastructure Upgrade Program), as well as projects that have not yet started.


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