Last changed: 01 March 2023

Here, you will find an SLU Play manual for SLU staff.

1) Enter play.slu.se in your browser, to get to SLU's play portal.

2) Click the Login box, then Login in the drop-down menu.SLU Play inlogg

3) Log in with your AD account.AD-inlogg

4) Then Login is replaced with your name and the Add New button is displayed.

5) If you then click on your name, the drop-down menu with My Media, My Playlists, My Channels, My History, and Logout will appear. SLU Play meny

6) Under My Media there are all videos for which you are Owner, Co-Publisher, Co-editor or Co-Viewer.

If you have many videos and need to find a specific one, there is a search box for free text search. SLU Play My media 

7) In the default settings, each video line looks like below:SLU Play Title

  • Title – Video title
  • Description
  • How the video is published – Private, Unlisted, Public
  • Owner, date when the video was created, likes and number of views
  • Buttons for viewing statistics, editing and delete

It is important to ALWAYS have copies / backups before deleting a video. AV support can NOT recover deleted videos. If you click on delete a video, it is GONE.

8) Under My Playlist, all videos that you check in watched later shows up. You can also create your own playlists, if you want to watch videos in a certain order. SLU Play Playlist

9) Once you have created a playlist and added videos, you will see the videos in a list next to the video player. SLU Play Spelare

10) Under My Channels all channels for which you are Owner, Co-Publisher, Co-Editor or Co-Viewer shows up. This applies to both private channels and public channels.SLU Play Channel